Unparalleled Sharpness: 
Skarp's blade is forged from premium Aichi Steel, guaranteeing a razor-sharp edge that lasts. Say goodbye to struggling with dull knives.

Easy Maintenance: 
Thanks to the skilled craftsmanship, this knife can be effortlessly sharpened with a ceramic rod. You'll always have a finely honed blade at your fingertips.

Comfortable Precision: 
Skarp is designed with chefs' needs in mind, providing a comfortable and perfectly balanced grip. It's your reliable partner for those long cooking sessions.

Built to Last: 
We've engineered Skarp to withstand the toughest tasks, ensuring it remains your go-to kitchen tool for years to come.

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Durable Chacate Handle: Built to last, the Chacate handle not only displays our logo but also resists bacteria for easy maintenance.

Distinctive Pink Resin Ring: Easily spot the Skarp Knife in your kitchen or on your wall with its unique pink resin ring.

Light, comfortable and thin: Skarp is designed to keep you in top form all day. With essential properties for durability, precision, and comfort, it's your reliable culinary companion.

Elegant Damascus Blade: With 45 layers of Japanese steel and a stunning Damascus pattern, the blade exudes sophistication. The exclusive Chacate wood handle adds to its charm.

Knife Specifications
Blade Material: 45 Layers Damascus Steel, Japanese Aichi Aus10 Steel Core
Blade lenght: 8" / 20cm
Handle Material: Pink Resin + Exclusive Chacate Wood + Rivet Fixing + End Seal 
Hardness: 61 HRC 
Knife Weight: Around 176g
Angle of the Edge: 12 - 14 Degrees (Sharpened by hand)
Characteristics: Perfect for long working days, perfect balance, comfortable.

Knife Specifications - Skarp 8"
Blade Material: 45 Layers Damascus Steel, Japanese Aichi Aus10 Steel Core
Blade lenght: 8" / 20cm
Handle Material: Pink Resin + Exclusive Chacate Wood + Rivet Fixing + End Seal 
Hardness: 61 HRC 
Knife Weight: Around 176g
Angle of the Edge: 12 - 14 Degrees (Sharpened by hand)
Characteristics: Perfect for long working days, perfect balance, comfortable.

At Assio & Engvall, we're committed to culinary innovation. In our pursuit of excellence, we've reimagined the Skarp chef's knife, recognizing the need for modern design and advanced materials.

We aim to consistently deliver knives of the utmost quality, knives that are designed to last for generations. A knife you can always rely on to perform at its best - that's what we believe Skarp stands for.

Our passion for innovation led us to experiment with unique steel materials, resulting in the Aichi Steel Company steel AUS 10 used in the Skarp. 

This steel allows for easy sharpening with a ceramic rod, while maintaining its sharpness throughout use, making it a durable and reliable tool for chefs.

The spine of the blade is just 1.8mm thick, which makes it super user-friendly. 
When you pair that with a full grind, you get a knife that's an excellent cutter. 
Plus, because it's so lightweight, the Skarp performs exceptionally well.

Inspired by Japan, Designed in Sweden, 45 Layer - AUS10 Steel, 61HRC ±.We love Japanese knifes, combining the Japanese forms and functions, with the Scandinavian style, the Skarp is truly remarkable.

Correcting the heel to have proper shape and angle

Controlling the holes for the handle are correct

Rough grind on the edge before sharpening

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By chefs for chefs

Assio & Engvall was founded many years ago, in 2023 they started the official company.
Two chefs that got tired of never finding the great knifes they needed, after trying and testing most of the famous knife brands out there, we desided to start our own.
It´s been a rough road to walk, but in the end we are very satisfied with what we have accomplished.

Step by step

More than 120 steps and 47 days to make one knife worthy of the ​Assio & Engvall brand. 
True to Japanese tradition by skilled artisans, every knife is authenticly crafted to become the premium quality knife we long for. Each blade is exceptionally enhanced for long-lasting sharpness, precise cutting and superior performance.


Tradition and innovation is a vital part of our manufacturing process. We merge the traditional craftmanship with modern technology of metal processing. We use presses, stancing, water and laser.


Assio & Engvall knives are made for professional chefs and home cooks, our craftsmen will make sure that you will enjoy every cut and slice you make with a ​Assio & Engvall knife.
Every knife is thoroughly tested before going out to sale, only a few selected knifes are shipped abroad, perfection is a must.
Our craftsmen put pride and honor in the making of a ​Assio & Engvall knife.

Past and Present

Two chefs with a passion for Japanese knife craftsmanship began their journey in 2015 to create the perfect chef's knife. 
We sourced top-quality steel from Japan and repurposed wood from local carpentry shops. Collaborating with a skilled artisan, we turned our designs into reality. Thanks to modern tools, we now produce these exceptional knives at scale and are excited to share our success with the world.


We craft our Damascus blades using multiple layers of heated steel, a technique that demands years of mastery to achieve their captivating beauty. Our AUS10 Steel, meticulously manufactured by the esteemed Aichi Steel Company in Japan, forms the core of our blades. These AUS10 steel blades are frequently shielded by a total of 44 layers of SUS430 and SUS431 Steel. We specifically choose AUS10 for its easy maintenance, excellent sharpness retention, and exceptional cutting performance.

Forming & Heat Treatment

Our process begins with rectifying any distortion resulting from the forging, followed by precision laser cutting of the blade to exact measurements. Subsequently, we subject the knives to a meticulous heat treatment based on our design, achieving a hardness of 61 HRC. This step is time-intensive, executed with precision and care.Lastly, we employ a cryogenic cooling process known as CRYOFREEZE, enhancing the blade's hardness, maintaining sharpness, and preventing staining. The culmination of these steps results in a blade that exemplifies durability, sharpness, and stain resistance.


Following the heat treatment, we meticulously grind the blade to craft the desired knife shape. 
Our skilled artisans, with years of dedicated practice and learning, have honed their expertise in the delicate art of grinding. This dedication ensures each knife is shaped with precision and care, meeting the highest standards of quality and design.

Final Touch

In this phase, we achieve an exceptionally sharp edge through precise grinding, finishing by hand for that razor-sharp result, the final grind is​ by using a stone to get the sharpness we strive for. 
We maintain a 12-14 degree angle for optimal sharpness and cutting ability. Our knives feature vacuum-treated, hardened, and polished handle, with options for engraving and coating. Each knife undergoes rigorous quality checks before being made available for sale.


Creating various patterns demands distinct techniques, tools, and skilled craftsmen. For our blades, we primarily utilize modern automated machines to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes, allowing us to maintain the desired quality consistently. Our commitment to quality means we never use less than 44 layers of steel for our Damascus blades. Additionally, we always incorporate a high-carbon steel core to achieve maximum sharpness, resulting in a total of 45 layers.