What we use and recommend

Instead of relying solely on traditional sharpening stones for every knife, we've embraced the efficiency and precision of the Tormek® T8 as our trusted companion. 

This advanced tool ensures a consistently sharp result.
With the T8, we guarantee an end-result that is not only extremely sharp but also reliably consistent, meeting the high standards our customers expect from us.

By utilizing a Tormek®​, we also simplify the process for our users to restore our knives to their factory-sharp condition with ease.

Sharpening made easy

Our blades are engineered for easy maintenance, thanks to a carefully selected steel core and a manufacturing process designed to facilitate straightforward re-sharpening.

For professional use:
For daily maintenance, we recommend using a ceramic honing rod with a grit above 1200. Avoid using a steel rod, and only opt for a diamond rod if you're proficient with its use.

For quarterly maintenance, utilize a Tormek® T2, setting the angle to 12 degrees. Finish the grinding process with care, using the composite wheel on the T2 to achieve that razor-sharp edge.

For private use:
Use a ceramic honing rod with a grit above 1200 as needed. We suggest using it weekly to maintain the edge in perfect condition. Do not use any sharpening tools that is not set to 12 degrees.

When you find that you need more than 3-4 strokes on the ceramic honing rod to restore the edge to razor-sharpness, it's time for re-sharpening.

Entrust the knife to a professional sharpener, specifying the 12-degree sharpening angle for optimal results.

Who we recommend:
We proudly endorse small sharpening specialists who pour their passion and expertise into their craft. Their dedication and love for craftsmanship shine through in every sharpening, ensuring our knives receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.